Thursday, December 18, 2014


This page links to the most commonly referenced City Ordinances.  It is provided for your convenience.

Ordinance 685 - Animal control - An animal control ordinance containing a penalty provision and an effective date.

Ordinance 619 - Alcoholic Beverages - This ordinance governs the sale of alcoholic Beverages in the City of Madisonville.

Ordinance 307 - Automotive Wrecking and Salvage Yards - This ordinance controls unsightly junkyard or automotive wrecking and salvage yards within the city limits, along with penalties for violations.

Ordinance 532 - Curfew - This ordinance establishes a curfew for certain juveniles, the enforcement, and penalties for violations.

Ordinance 425 - False Alarms - This ordinance applies to owners of security systems, charges applied for excessive false alarms, and classification of false alarms.

Ordinance 255 - Firearms - This ordinance prohibits the discharge of any firearm or crossbow within the city limits and the penalties for violations.

Ordinance 205 - Fireworks - This ordinance prohibits the manufacture, assembly, storage, transport, receipt, … or use of fireworks within the city limits, noting exceptions and providing penalties for violations.

Ordinance 321 - Loitering - This ordinance prohibits loitering for the purpose of engaging in drug-related activities, provides definitions of terms, prohibited activities, and penalties for violations.

Ordinance 589 - Noise - This ordinance provides decibel level measurements of noise allowed during specific times of day and night, including noises emitted by horns, people, vehicles, pets, building noises, loudspeakers, etc.;  permits for amplification and exceptions.

Ordinance 347 - Public Nuisance / Junk Vehicles - This ordinance addresses abandoned and junked motor vehicles, nuisances, notices to owners, removal of nuisance, and penalties for violations.

Ordinance 584 - Solicitation & Outdoor Assemblies - An ordinance establishing rules and procedures for: Parades, processions, outdoor assemblies in streets, on sidewalks; Solicitors, canvassers, hawkers, etc; Itinerate vendors, merchants, and peddlers; and Use of streets for sale or display of goods, wares, etc.

Ordinance 686 - Amended Ordinance 165a - Weed Control - An ordinance to protect the public health and promote the public welfare of the City of Madisonville, Texas, by providing for the filling up and drainage of lots that shall have in whole someplace or places where stagnant water may accumulate there on; the cleaning of any building or premises of filth, carrion or other impure and unwholesome matter; requiring owners or occupants of lots in the City of Madisonville, Texas to keep said lots free from weeds, rubbish, brush and other unsightly or unsanitary matter; providing for notice to be given to the owners of premises in case of failure of owner to make lots and/or premises sanitary and sightly that the same may be done at the expenses of the City of Madisonville, Texas; providing for the fixing of a lien against such lots for such improvement; and declaring an emergency. (Amended February 14, 2011)