Booth costs are $100 with an additional $50 deposit. All fees are due together. Booths do not come with electricity or water, if electricity is needed please bring a generator.Booth setup & breakdown schedules must be followed. You will receive a schedule for your setup and breakdown times.BOOTH RENTALS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

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Deposit will be refunded once your booth is inspected after the festival is over.
Deposits will not be returned to vendors if the booth and rented area is unclean.

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If no, please contact Lynn Jeffries at 936-349-5640 for temporary permit.

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I hereby give permission for photos of my booth, merchandise, staff and customers to be used for promotional needs. By signing below I release the festival, volunteers, organizers, officers and any one invloved from any liability due to accidents or crisis situations before, during ro after the festival.